About Our Ride’s – Please read before joining our weekly ride’s

Berry Mountain Cycles holds regular weekly rides for our rad customers and visitor’s to Berry.  We thank you for your continued support (without it, it would not be possible).  Support our store and come along!

If you are visiting the area and would like to come along, please contact us by email or phone prior to joining us on a ride and we can help steer (pardon the pun) you in the direction of the best suited ride.

Personal Insurance

‘Life Moves pretty fast’ Ferris Bueller.

Cycling can be a dangerous activity, by joining a group ride you assume your own risk. Therefore, we ask that every rider purchases their own personal insurance to ensure you are covered when on your bike out on the open roads or trails prior to joining us for the first time.

Personal insurance options are available from a number of different professional bodies such as Cycling Australia www.cycling.org.au/MembershipTypes.

Weather and Cancellations

At times when weather conditions are unfavourable we will decide to postpone our rides.  Notification of any cancellation will be posted on our Berry Mountain Cycles Facebook Page (LIKE us and join up to the rides you are planning on coming to, this will ensure you get any cancellation updates).  If weather conditions are out of the ordinary on a ride morning, before you roll out the door please check our Facebook page to confirm if the ride has been cancelled, and you can book in a rest day!!

During the Winter months we would recommend arm and knee warmers, winter weight full fingered gloves and a wind resistance jacket as a minimum as we do start most rides with a temperature below 5 degrees in Berry.

In Summer, although we are only 10kms from the coast humidity is higher and can be a difference of 5-8 degrees hotter so the ability to carry 2 full bottles of water is recommended.

Where are our rides advertised?

You can find our up coming rides in two locations.

  1. via the Berry Mountain Cycles Website in the Rides & Events page – we will now be advertising rides up to six weeks in advance
  2. and we will also post rides weekly on our Facebook page

So about the rides……

Our rides will be updated regularly to ensure you know what’s on and when, and ask that you check in each week to see which rides might be suitable for you.

As a general rule of thumb we will give an approximate average speed and distance for each ride advertised, and ask that you join a group that fits in with your current level of fitness and skill.

The rides we host are No Drop Rides which means when you choose a ride group to join within your riding limits you will feel challenged but will not be left behind.

Road Ride – road bike required (hybrids and mountain bikes will find it a challenge to keep up with their skinnier tyred cousins on these rides).

Mountain Bike Ride – mountain bike required (at times a hybrid may be suitable – but best to check in with us first before turning up with the wrong machine for the job).

Female Specific Rides – any ride listed as such is strictly for the girls, not an avenue for getting dates (sorry guys).  Our female specific rides are called Ladies Social, Finesse or Maiden MTB rides.

Finesse Road Ride – Bel will be heading up our female specific Saturday Finesse Road Ride for those who wish to push their limits and step up the pace.  This ride will have an average speed of 25kms per hour and may involve hill climbs, sprints or be more endurance based.  This will also give riders the opportunity to gather momentum and progress from the female specific Ladies Social Road Ride to Bel’s ride. NB: Please check the rider details as some of these rides may require extra water or nutrition.

Ladies Social Road Ride – this is our second weekly female specific Road Ride held on Sunday’s taking in the scenery of Berry and surrounds with an average speed of 15-18km’s per hour, coffee is your reward at the end of the ride!

Maiden MTB Ride – we’re not forgetting the ladies who are keen to get out on the dirt, and hold female specific MTB rides at various times during the year.

Open Road – all other rides are open to all our rad customer and visitors to join, keeping in mind that you have checked the average speed and distance and this is what you are currently capable of riding.

Hannibal Challenge Road Rides – for 2016 and 2017 Berry Mountain Cycles will be getting ready for a 2 week epic road riding adventure in Europe and have a number of training rides planned to get us all prepared.  We welcome you to come along and join us – the more the merrier, ensuring that you’ve checked the distance, speed and elevation is within your ride limits as some of these routes will be challenging as the name suggests.  NB: Adequate water and nutrition will be crucial for these rides so please come prepared.

We are looking forward to a great year of riding and hope to see you soon.

The Berry Mountain Cycles Team (including Lola the shop Dog).