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Our passion for cycling and the positivity that can be created for all ages and levels of fitness drives us to provide the highest level of service in a warm and inclusive environment.

We are the First bike store in Berry, catering for residents in the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, the NSW South Coast and beyond.

We aim to be part of the community and encourage people to ride bikes for fun, fitness, thrill of competition and the social aspect! Everyone is different and unique. We will spend time with you to find the perfect match for your personal needs and goals. We also fit the bike specifically to you so that you can be one with your bike and get the most from your new bike.


A little about us

Like most people I learnt to ride a bike when I was a young fella. Do you remember when you learnt? I bet you do.

Also like most I stopped riding a bike at the age when other things became more important.  But when I got older, wiser and some would say "bigger" a friend purchased a road bike, so I got myself a cheap 2nd hand one and started riding with him. It didn't take long before it became my new passion and a Bike Obsession was created, the year was 2013.

I upgraded and expanded my bike collection and the riders around me grew, I picked up the nickname "Fatman" and it has stuck, I don't mind it either to be honest, it reminds me where cycling brought me from.

I think this is why riding bikes has always been popular. Its social, gives you the opportunity to meet new friends from diverse backgrounds and age groups and is not limiting in any way.

There is a bike for every taste.

  •     Most people can ride a bike regardless of ability, skill or fitness level
  •     It's fun and keeps you in good shape
  •     Unlike algebra you will always remember how to do it
  •     And truth be told, riding is way more cool than algebra.

So, In 2018 I stepped out of my riding comfort zone and registered with Nowra Velo Club and began racing.

My First race was a Crit in C Grade and with a win, my race the following week was B Grade.

I stepped up my training, including a personal coach and set my sights on the B Grade 2018 Club Crit Championships, which I successfully won.

I was asked about my interest in Velodrome, and taking up a position in a team in the Team Sprint Masters Championship. A new challenge with Nowra Velo Club for me to experience.

Jan 2019 and we missed the finals by 0.04 seconds, it was an amazing experience and opportunity to again venture into something new with cycling.

2019 and the Crit circuit was still a passion and racing continued. I took some time away from the track in July/August to travel the LionHeart Tour with Bike Odyssey and BMC, returning to racing and finishing the year with a 2nd place in the overall B Grade Club Championships.

Bring us to 2020 and the beginning of a new environment was unfolding for us all - Covid 19 - my racing goals were halted as uncertainty plagued us all.

Sept 2020 and things for me took a turn, I was riding when I was T-Boned by a 4WD. Lucky was a word that was thrown around a lot, leaving hospital with minor injuries, recovering slowly at home unable to work it was discovered by a Specialist that I needed shoulder surgery and the rehab continued.

Uncertain as a family what life would look like returning to my fabrication F/T job friends Paul & Megan listed their beloved Berry Mountain Cycles for sale. Could it be, was it all falling into place, could something so positive come from such uncertain times.

Their patience and support eventually saw myself and wife Robyn take over ownership of Berry Mountain Cycles Friday 24th September 2021.

The next chapter of our Cycling Life begins.. Stay tuned and we look forward to your continued support.

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