Specialized Bikes – WHATS AVAILABLE

If you have been waiting patiently for bike availability to improve.

Well it might be your lucky day – MAYBE.

There are Specialized “Bike Families” that production and availability is improving in.

Some bikes will be available in the Australian warehouse NOW – like get in and secure your bike and have it in under 2 weeks.

Others will now have an ETA date of when they will be here (as soon as this month, some maybe March 2023 for example)

And then you have families of bikes that well just will be a long way off still.

So how patient do you need to be…..

If you are after any of the


Hotwalk (Balance Bike), Riprock, Jett – they are in the warehouse and here in store.


Come see us to measure up your little people and secure their Xmas bike for 2022.


— Rockhopper – our Hard Tail entry level – available in Size 26″, 27.5″ and 29″. Some models available more than others – get in a little quicker so you don’t miss out here, put it away for Xmas 2022.

— Stumpjumper + Evo – availability dates – ranging in colour, model and size from NOW through 2023.

Contact us to find out what you can get your hands on and WHEN.

— Chisel & Enduro – a little lighter but there are some dates – so touch base and we can give you a personalised update.

— TURBO – Levo and Levo SL – in the Australian warehouse NOW – colour range available – they will move quick – secure yours with a deposit and be riding as the weather clears

–TURBO – Kenevo and SL – better but still not great – your new ride may be closer than you realise – contact us for a specific update on your model and size.


— Roll, Sirrus & Crossroads – availability across models here now.


— Creo SL – limited larger sizes now available – remainder with some B/O dates – still chasing a road E-Bike – contact us for your personalised ETA update.

— Diverge family availability to B/O – dates of arrival vary from March2023 onwards.

— Aethos, Tarmac, Allez and Crux are all still constrained with no information on availability. SORRY


We will always do our best to help you get on your new ride. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your DREAM ride info and we will do some leg work at our end to help you ride as soon as possible.

Thanks for your continued support.


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